Photo taken by FEMA

Many new pet parents want to start off with their new fur baby being a puppy. They don’t want to bring home a shelter dog because they don’t want to have to deal with a dog that might misbehave because of his or her past. Some people don’t understand that these poor animals are just abandoned day by day without food or water. They are mentally, physically abused everyday and they just want a stable home to be in. The shelters that do bring the dogs in make sure they are safe with a variety of test. They also put a lot of effort into bringing them back into spiffy health again. So why not share your home with a rescued pet? You wouldn’t regret it.

Why I decided to rescue

I woke up one day wanting a dog, well I always wanted one. I just finally knew I was ready to get one and share all this love I’ve bundled up inside. I’m guilty for looking for a puppy from the people that breeded dogs for a living. I felt like they were just trying to rip me off for my money. I ran into a few shelters along the time that I have been searching and these dogs just melted my heart. Their stories just made you want to dognap them all and just become the dog lady next door. I adopted my first fur baby at Petsmart when Downey Animal Shelter was throwing an adoption event. He was the only dog that caught my eye because he was goofy. I watched him steal all the towels from the other dogs and pile them up in his corner of the pen and just laid on top of it. Soon after he’d get up and sit on the dogs that were taking their naps. I knew I had to grab him before someone else did. As years went by, I noticed he was different than other dogs. He was always needy, but I loved it. In my opinion, rescue dogs seem to be more appreciative than other dogs because they are grateful for the home you gave them. Maybe I spoiled him too much, who knows.

Rescue dogs deserve a second chance at a new life. They’re like babies that never grow up and bring joy into your life. They make you feel happy like they were one that rescued you instead. You wouldn’t regret adopting a sheltered pet because they will instantly brighten up your life.